Help & FAQs

What are coilovers?
The term "coilover" is short for "coil spring over shock". A coilover is part of the car's suspension made up of a shock absorber inside of a coil spring. This provides damping without torsional loads. Most coilovers allow adjustment of ride height and preload, using a simple threaded spring perch similar to a nut. More advanced adjustable coilover systems use a threaded shock body, along with an adjustable lower mount for ride height adjustment, while an adjustment knob is used to adjust damping. Switching the spring for one with a different spring rate will change the stiffness of the car's suspension. A higher spring rate is stiffer than a lower rate.

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping is completely free within the United States as long as the order is over $49. All coilovers ship for free.

What payment methods are accepted?
We accept all major credit cards, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, and PayPal.

How long does delivery take?
If in stock, standard coilover kits ship within 24 hours. We ship with UPS ground. Tracking will be provided the same day it ships so you can see what the expected delivery date is. The average time is 1-3 days, but some locations may take up to 5 days.

How long does delivery take for custom builds?
Custom-built coilovers take 2-4 weeks on average to ship depending on order volume at that time. We always ship with UPS ground. Tracking will be provided the same day it ships so you can see what the expected delivery date is. The average transit time is 1-3 days, but some locations may take up to 5 days. All kits other than the BR Series are built to order.

Will a signature be required for delivery?
Yes. We always require a signature for proof of delivery to help protect everyone from theft and fraud and to ensure you receive your order. No exceptions.

How do I know if a product is in stock?
We don't show inventory levels on our website to ensure our custom-built products are still displayed in search engines. For this reason, please contact us if you would like to check inventory on any product. We usually respond within a few minutes. BC Racing stocks most BR Series kits and some DS Series. Almost all others are made to order.

What is a custom build?
A coilover kit is considered a custom build when you choose custom spring rates, Extreme Low, upgrade to Swift Springs, or any alteration other than how they come standard from BC Racing.

What is the difference in drop between Standard and Extreme Low?
The amount of drop varies based on the vehicle. On average, standard kits drop a vehicle 1-3in, whereas Extreme Low kits drop your car 2-4in.

Will higher spring rates affect the lowering amount?
Yes. When you increase the spring rates, they can decrease the amount you can lower the vehicle. Very stiff spring rates will not compress as much from the vehicle's weight, thus resulting in less of a drop. Please consider this when selecting custom spring rates!

How much does it cost to upgrade to Swift Springs?
The cost to upgrade to Swift Springs is $320, or $85 individually.

If I upgrade to Swift Springs, do I also get the BC Racing Springs?
No. When you upgrade to Swift Springs, we only charge you for the cost of the Swift Springs. This is discounted as well since we do not include the BC Racing springs. We also do not charge for build labor. 

What are rear damping extenders?
Rear damping extenders attach to the adjustment knob for damping on top of the coilover. They allow for easy adjustment in many cars in which the trunk liner covers the top of the coilover. You simply cut a small hole in your liner and feed the extenders through. The extenders consist of a flexible steel cable with a coating on top to prevent corrosion or scuffing of your interior. 

Do all kits include adjustable camber plates?
Due to the factory design of some vehicles' suspension, camber plates are not always available. Camber plates will generally only work on a McPherson strut design. Some car manufacturers like Lexus and Honda use A-Arm style suspension on their cars, both front and rear.  This style of suspension will not support the use of a camber plate, so you would need to use either an adjustable arm/link, or other camber adjustment setup to dial in your alignment.

Are end links included?
BC Racing only includes end links if the coilover kit requires them. Most cars do not require new end links.

Do I need an alignment after the coilovers are installed?
Yes. You will always need alignment anytime a set of coilovers are installed or when your ride height is adjusted. Changes to your suspension can make the vehicle dangerous to drive. We also recommend a professional alignment to avoid excessive tire wear.

Are the coilovers preloaded out of the box?
Yes. All coilovers come preloaded. Be sure to adjust your ride height properly so that you don't accidentally adjust the preload.

Are the coilovers preset out of the box?
No. You will need to choose your desired ride height and damping settings. A good rule of thumb is to start in the middle and work your way either stiffer or softer depending on your needs. 

Can I buy just the front/rear/individual coilovers?
Half kits are available, but you will need to contact us for pricing. We do have the Pontiac GTO Half Kit available on our website.

What is the warranty?
BC Racing offers a one year limited warranty against manufacturer's defect. We recommend you register your purchase through BC Racing's Warranty Registration.

I think I received the wrong part.
Sometimes, boxes are used for shipment that do not accurately reflect the parts inside. Check the build sheet that's included to verify the details of your shipment. If you think you might have received the wrong parts, first check your order to verify you ordered the correct parts, and then reach out to BC Racing NA to confirm the correct parts that were shipped. The phone number is 321-206-6381 and email is