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BC Racing ZR Series Coilovers - 1997-2001 Subaru Impreza WRX (GC6/GC8)

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The BC Racing ZR Series Coilovers bring a 3-way adjustable track ready coilover system to racers from novice to pro for an affordable price that has never been seen in the industry. Each ZR Series Coilover system offers independent low-speed/high-speed compression adjustments and separate rebound adjustment.

On cars with McPherson struts, the ZR Series comes standard with an inverted mono-tube damper. The damper has a steel braided Teflon coated line exiting the top of the damper to the external reservoirs that can be remotely mounted on the chassis for easy adjustment.

Cars with double A-arm suspension come with upright dampers. These dampers have steel braided Teflon Coated lines or solid stem that exit the damper at the bottom and lead to the external reservoir that can be mounted under the chassis or on the shock body itself. The ZR Series offers 30 clicks of rebound adjustment, 15 clicks of low speed compression adjustment and 12 clicks of high speed compression adjustment.


  • Inverted monotube damper with twin piston design
  • Height adjustment via the shock body, not the spring
  • 30 levels of independently adjustable rebound
  • 15 levels of independently adjustable low-speed compression
  • 15 levels of independently adjustable high-speed compression
  • Front and rear camber plates are standard on all applicable kits
  • Front and rear pillowball top mounts standard where camber plates do not apply
  • Custom-valved to match the driver's requested spring rates
  • Swift Springs standard on ZR Series
  • 1 year limited warranty against manufacturer defect
  • Full rebuildable with all parts available for purchase

Not all vehicles allow for inverted front and rear dampers. In such cases an upright mono-tube damper will be supplied. The braided line/hard stem for the external reservoir exits the base of the damper when not inverted. Please note that not all vehicles use camber plates in the front and/or rear. In such cases pillowball top mounts are supplied in place of camber plates. Some vehicles reuse OEM upper mounts

Chassis Code GC6/GC8
Front Spring (Kg/mm) 62-180-10k
Rear Spring (Kg/mm) 62-220-8k
Front Swift Spring (Kg/mm) 62-178-X
Rear Swift Spring (Kg/mm) 62-228-X
Front Camber Plates Standard
Rear Camber Plates Standard

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Custom spring rates are available at no additional cost. Spring rates up to 18K are available in BC Racing Springs. Rates higher than 18K will require Swift Springs.

BC Racing North America's warranty period is one year against manufacturer’s defects. If BC Racing NA deems a part defective, BC Racing will send a replacement for that specific part. All warranty claims must be sent directly to BC Racing North America. We are not able to handle warranty claims.

Warranty Registration

To register your BC Racing Coilovers, visit BC Racing NA's Warranty Registration Form. You will need your kit's serial number and a copy of your original purchase receipt that we provided you.


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